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Express proofreading

Quick vocabulary and general language check, similar to what most other proofreaders do. Takes two to three days, and done by one proofreader.

Standard proofreading

We check for errors in language and vocabulary, but we also look at sentence structure and consistency of style. Your text will read more fluently, and will be much closer to that of a native speaker. Done by two proofreaders.

Advanced Rhetorical copy-editing

We check for erros, improve style and sentence structure, and also improve the general structure and rhetoric of your paper, and tailor it to the requirements of international journals and readers. Done by two proofreaders.


The complete package: we correct mistakes, improve your style and consistency, and we work on the rhetoric of your paper. The result is a paper in flawless English that is tailor-made for publication in international academic journals. Done by two proofreaders (obviously) and includes feedback through skype.

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